Removing Squirrels – Wildlife Removal Tips

Squirrels are also a rodent. However, there are very large differences between squirrels and other rodents. They typically do not carry the types of diseases that other rodents do. They also will typically enter through the attic. They can come into living quarters, but they often do not. Instead, squirrels will often remain in the attic and cause damage there. However, they can enter living quarters. When they do, they are often very quickly noticed. However, during the brief period of time they are in the living quarters, they can cause extremely extensive damage. This is especially true for homes that have pets. Pets often will take chase, and the pets can cause just as much or more damage as the squirrel. In some cases, squirrels have caused thousands of dollars in damage, by knocking over valuable items. While they are small, they are very fast moving. This can make them difficult to get out, if they enter living quarters. Within attics, they can cause extensive damage by chewing on materials inside the house. They also can cause damage to important valuables inside of the attics.

Humane Removal

To humanely remove squirrels, the first step is to seal up the house. Simply seal up any openings that squirrels can enter through. These openings can provide points of entry, and squirrels can enter through very small spaces. Also, it is a good idea to have branches trimmed that come close to the roof. Squirrels can easily jump from the trees on to the roof. Once they do this, they can enter the attic through small openings. If squirrels do not have an entry point to the roof, they are far less likely to enter. In many cases, this can be all that is necessary to keep squirrels out of the house.

In addition to keeping squirrels out of the house, it is also important to remove squirrels that are already inside of the house. There are humane traps you can get that can remove squirrels. Havahart makes squirrel traps, and you can use these to catch squirrels that reside in the attic space. When you trap the squirrels, you can drive them a distance away. This can successfully remove them from your house. Furthermore, this can help the squirrels to become a more productive part of the ecosystem. Squirrels serve important roles in the ecosystem, but this is reduced when they are residing in people’s homes.

If your squirrel problem is particularly serious or you are unable to deal with the problem yourself, there is help available in the Atlanta area. There are humane squirrel removal services available, and these services can help you to successfully deal with the problem. Pest Control USA has a lot of experience dealing with squirrel problems, and they always deal with the issue in a humane fashion. When Pest Control USA comes to remove the squirrels, they do so in a way that allows the squirrels to be a productive part of the ecosystem. The squirrels are never harmed, and homeowners can have the peace of mind that the squirrels are doing well somewhere else.

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