Learning to Respect Bats from a Distance

Animal control can be a complex subject. There’s far more factors involved than many people realize. This can include when a home was constructed, people’s views of any given animal, and the general state of the environment. And in my case there was even the factor that I’m a woman with longer hair. This might seem an odd thing to add at first. But if you’ve grown up with both long hair and a love of old horror movies than there’s probably one animal more than any other which causes intense fear. Old movies used to love to confront women with the fear of bats in her hair. That’s why I was so terrified when I found out what the odd noises in the attic were. Someone had actually seen bats entering and leaving my house.

6476870113_f0b9047f9f_bNow, I think I’m hardly alone in this causing me some concern. And by concern I mean that I was overcome by a nearly blinding panic. But thankfully for me I have a lot of friends who are huge animal lovers. I quickly looked to them for advice and they were able to direct me to some humane rodent removal Salt Lake City services. I’m so happy that they were too. When I called in for help they were able to fill in a lot more of the blanks for me. The first thing they did was put some of my fears to rest. It turns out that I was totally wrong about bats getting into women’s hair. They explained that the complex sonar system that bats have, combined with their amazing flight abilities, ensure that it’s all but impossible for a bat to end up tangled in hair.

They also explained that bats are far from the blood thirsty monsters that movies paint them to be. Instead they’re useful, or even vital, parts of the ecosystem. There’s not a lot of annoying bugs in our area and the people I spoke to were quick to mention that the bats are probably the main factor there. This made me all the quicker to agree to use of the most humane methods possible for removing them from my home.

They performed a quick examination when they arrived and were able to verify that bats were indeed living in my attic. It turns out that the siding had been poorly installed. The bats were able to easily enter through gaps, temped by the warm air within my house. The team put up a special kind of net that allowed the bats to easily exit my house. It was a bit like how cats can lift up the edge of a blanket. Except that the bats could only lift it up to get out. They weren’t able to get back in through the net. After that the team was even able to help fix up the gap in my siding for me.

I’m happy to say that I now am living bat free in my house. But even more than that I came away from the situation with my fear of bats replaced by an appreciation for them. I might not want them living in my house. But I do want them to be alive, healthy, happy, and eating insects within our neighborhood.

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