Chicago Wildlife Removal Services

Are you have trouble with wildlife on your property? Do you wake up in the middle of the night to sounds of the local raccoon patrol wining and dining on yesterdays dinner? Don’t try to stop them yourself, you need to give us a call. Here at Clayton’s Chicago Wildlife Removal there is no animal that can escape our wildlife removal specialists. We have a wide array of humane and non-harmful traps to catch any sized critter. Whenever an animal is captured we take the utmost care and consideration to transport them safely and comfortably to their natural habitat. Considerable care is always taken to ensure the least amount of disruption as possible.

About Our Process

The trapping and removal process is a delicate procedure that must be carried out carefully to ensure minimal disruption and agitation to the wildlife being removed as well as the habitat they are in. Consideration is also taken to minimize property damage as much as possible. The first step in our process is to locate the animal or their paths through the property and begin to devise a trapping strategy. Often this can be a very direct procedure if the wildlife is present and active on the property. However, if the wildlife is nocturnal or very elusive we will use our advanced tracking skills to find optimal trap placement.

We only use the most human tools to capture wildlife. For an on site and active animal we often employ the use of a catch pole. This is a very humane way to capture wildlife and ensures that harm doesn’t come to the subject or our highly trained wildlife removal experts. Consisting of a long pole with an adjustable loop at one end. This tool is a mainstay of wildlife removal professionals.

Another key tool in wildlife management is the live trap. Consisting of a wire metal frame and a slanted spring loaded door. A small amount of food or bait is placed inside the trap along one of the animals known areas. The live trap allows an animal to enter the trap by simply walking into it and pushing down the spring loaded door. The wire door then quickly snaps back into place once they are inside. These traps are a great way to humanely contain a wildlife problem. They don’t harm the animal in any way and allow for easy transfer to a more remote habitat.

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