Specialists for Professional Wildlife Removal

The work of a professional animal remover is recommended when dealing with wildlife. Knowledgeable pest and animal removers can keep an individual well informed on the way an animal behaves and the ways to ensure the problem doesn’t recur. Professional products like eco-friendly and humane repellents are provided by removal specialists.

The female raccoon is very protective of her liter and can be a ferocious encounter when dealing with direct human contact. Animal removers have many clever techniques to rid a home a property of unwanted wildlife.

What Wildlife Removal Specialists Can Do for You

Specialists may set cage traps with food bait around an attic, den, yard, or barn. If a liter of raccoon is found, they are a great source of bait for trapping the mother. Raccoon’s typically breed in the spring and carry significant strength. Entries thru the attic are usually done by tearing or biting holes thru composition roofs. A trained eye by professional animal removal services can spot likely entry points that a homeowner may not have known even existed.

Common Types of Pest Critters and Wildlife

There are many different kinds of wildlife that reside in the Chicago area. The most common are squirrels, raccoons, and skunks. If left to their own devices these animals can cause considerable problems and may even result in property damage. Some of these animals can even pose a minor health risk to humans. It’s important to protect yourself and pets by having them removed.

One of the most common wildlife is the eastern gray squirrel.

The gray squirrel weights about one and a quarter pound and can reach a length of up to eighteen inches. Their fur is gray on the back and white on their belly. They can be found living in mature forests or trees in urban areas. Sometimes they may find their way into attics looking for shelter, once inside they can wreak havoc on wires and insulation.

Another common nuisance are raccoons.

They can easily be identified by their gray and brown mixed fur with black around their eyes and a ringed tail. In the Chicago area they are often found to make their dens under decks or porches. They will eat pet food left outside and can even tip over trash cans causing quite a mess. Raccoons are known to carry rabies and care should be taken to not come in contact with them. We are trained professionals prepared to deal with exactly this kind of problem.

Another pest animals that usually needs removal is the striped skunk.

The size of a small house cat, they have a distinguishing characteristic of two white stripes down their back on black fur. Skunks are not known to cause damage but they have a defense mechanism where they spray a very pungent musk at their attackers. Sometimes skunks can mistake people or pets for predators when they are startled causing them to be a very extreme nuisance in some cases. Usually they will give a warning by raising their tail and stamping their feet before spraying. Skunks are also prone to carry rabies and should be avoided.

Chicago Wildlife Removal Services

Are you have trouble with wildlife on your property? Do you wake up in the middle of the night to sounds of the local raccoon patrol wining and dining on yesterdays dinner? Don’t try to stop them yourself, you need to give us a call. Here at Clayton’s Chicago Wildlife Removal there is no animal that can escape our wildlife removal specialists. We have a wide array of humane and non-harmful traps to catch any sized critter. Whenever an animal is captured we take the utmost care and consideration to transport them safely and comfortably to their natural habitat. Considerable care is always taken to ensure the least amount of disruption as possible.

About Our Process

The trapping and removal process is a delicate procedure that must be carried out carefully to ensure minimal disruption and agitation to the wildlife being removed as well as the habitat they are in. Consideration is also taken to minimize property damage as much as possible. The first step in our process is to locate the animal or their paths through the property and begin to devise a trapping strategy. Often this can be a very direct procedure if the wildlife is present and active on the property. However, if the wildlife is nocturnal or very elusive we will use our advanced tracking skills to find optimal trap placement.

We only use the most human tools to capture wildlife. For an on site and active animal we often employ the use of a catch pole. This is a very humane way to capture wildlife and ensures that harm doesn’t come to the subject or our highly trained wildlife removal experts. Consisting of a long pole with an adjustable loop at one end. This tool is a mainstay of wildlife removal professionals.

Another key tool in wildlife management is the live trap. Consisting of a wire metal frame and a slanted spring loaded door. A small amount of food or bait is placed inside the trap along one of the animals known areas. The live trap allows an animal to enter the trap by simply walking into it and pushing down the spring loaded door. The wire door then quickly snaps back into place once they are inside. These traps are a great way to humanely contain a wildlife problem. They don’t harm the animal in any way and allow for easy transfer to a more remote habitat.

Humanely Dealing With Bat Infestation

Bats are thought of very negatively by the public. In fact, they have an association with haunted houses. This association causes people to view them very negatively. Additionally, bats are known to be common carriers of rabies. This causes them to be highly feared by the public. However, bats are not really the menace that they are made out to be. Instead, they are one of the most important animals in the wild. In fact, they do much more good than harm. In fact, they are so important that it is illegal to kill a bat in the state of Georgia. Due to this, it is vital that a bat infestation is dealt with humanely. That being said, bats can pose a serious problem to humans. They can infest houses, and this can potentially lead to damage to one’s home. Additionally, bats can be carriers of diseases. If they enter the living quarters of a house, this can be a threat to the safety of people inside. Bats also can cause significant property damage, if they enter a home’s living quarters. For this reason, it is important to successfully remove bats from your home.


The first step to keeping out bats is keeping your attic sealed up. Without an entry point, bats will not come into your house. If you fully seal up your attic, there is no chance of bats entering the house. The gable of a house is a common entry point in the roof. Carefully inspect this area to assure that bats cannot get in. Inspect the roof for any openings that can be an entry point for bats.

The next step is to trap any bats that have entered the house. There are humane traps you can get. For instance, Havahart makes bat traps. There are other companies that make bat traps, and you can order these traps online. When you trap the bats, you can remove them from your home.

It is often a good idea to hire the services of professionals to remove bats from your house. Professionals can successfully seal up the house. This can prevent bats from entering. In addition to sealing up the house, they can remove any bats that are already there. Pest USA successfully has dealt with many bat infestations in the Atlanta area. They deal with the problem without causing any harm to the bats. This is an ecologically friendly way to deal with the issue.

Eradication of Other Forms Of Wildlife

Virtually any type of wildlife in the Atlanta area can potentially pose a problem for homeowners. In fact, sometimes raccoons, possums, and even skunks can inhabit human occupied areas. When they are there, they can potentially be quite threatening. They can even bite humans on rare occasion. When they do, they can spread very dangerous, even deadly diseases. Of course, it is critical to remove such animals from one’s property. They can often reside underneath one’s decks and feed off garbage cans. Removing the animals should be reserved for professionals. These sorts of animals can be highly aggressive. Luckily, the professionals at Pest USA have a great deal of experience with removing these sorts of pests.

When the professionals from Pest USA remove wildlife, they can relocate them. When they are trapped and relocated, they can be moved to areas far from homes. Then, they can adapt and become productive members of the ecosystem. These sorts of larger wildlife are critical to the functioning of the ecosystem, but they do not serve these important functions living in human environments. They can be taken large enough distances away from human residences to no longer pose a problem. Steps can also be taken to prevent other wild animals from returning.

There are some cases when wildlife can pose a problem of an emergency nature. If large wildlife ever enters a home itself, call animal control. Animal control can rapidly deal with the problem. In these situations, the wild animals pose a very serious threat to human health. They can threaten the residents of a house, and they can cause very serious property damage. Furthermore, this type of behavior can be indicative of rabies. In these dangerous situations, animal control can effectively deal with the problem. If it necessary, animal control can successfully determine if rabies caused the strange behavior of the wild animal. Animal control is skilled in dealing with all types of animal related incidents.