Humanely Dealing With Bat Infestation

Bats are thought of very negatively by the public. In fact, they have an association with haunted houses. This association causes people to view them very negatively. Additionally, bats are known to be common carriers of rabies. This causes them to be highly feared by the public. However, bats are not really the menace that they are made out to be. Instead, they are one of the most important animals in the wild. In fact, they do much more good than harm. In fact, they are so important that it is illegal to kill a bat in the state of Georgia. Due to this, it is vital that a bat infestation is dealt with humanely. That being said, bats can pose a serious problem to humans. They can infest houses, and this can potentially lead to damage to one’s home. Additionally, bats can be carriers of diseases. If they enter the living quarters of a house, this can be a threat to the safety of people inside. Bats also can cause significant property damage, if they enter a home’s living quarters. For this reason, it is important to successfully remove bats from your home.


The first step to keeping out bats is keeping your attic sealed up. Without an entry point, bats will not come into your house. If you fully seal up your attic, there is no chance of bats entering the house. The gable of a house is a common entry point in the roof. Carefully inspect this area to assure that bats cannot get in. Inspect the roof for any openings that can be an entry point for bats.

The next step is to trap any bats that have entered the house. There are humane traps you can get. For instance, Havahart makes bat traps. There are other companies that make bat traps, and you can order these traps online. When you trap the bats, you can remove them from your home.

It is often a good idea to hire the services of professionals to remove bats from your house. Professionals can successfully seal up the house. This can prevent bats from entering. In addition to sealing up the house, they can remove any bats that are already there. Pest USA successfully has dealt with many bat infestations in the Atlanta area. They deal with the problem without causing any harm to the bats. This is an ecologically friendly way to deal with the issue.