Common Types of Pest Critters and Wildlife

There are many different kinds of wildlife that reside in the Chicago area. The most common are squirrels, raccoons, and skunks. If left to their own devices these animals can cause considerable problems and may even result in property damage. Some of these animals can even pose a minor health risk to humans. It’s important to protect yourself and pets by having them removed.

One of the most common wildlife is the eastern gray squirrel.

The gray squirrel weights about one and a quarter pound and can reach a length of up to eighteen inches. Their fur is gray on the back and white on their belly. They can be found living in mature forests or trees in urban areas. Sometimes they may find their way into attics looking for shelter, once inside they can wreak havoc on wires and insulation.

Another common nuisance are raccoons.

They can easily be identified by their gray and brown mixed fur with black around their eyes and a ringed tail. In the Chicago area they are often found to make their dens under decks or porches. They will eat pet food left outside and can even tip over trash cans causing quite a mess. Raccoons are known to carry rabies and care should be taken to not come in contact with them. We are trained professionals prepared to deal with exactly this kind of problem.

Another pest animals that usually needs removal is the striped skunk.

The size of a small house cat, they have a distinguishing characteristic of two white stripes down their back on black fur. Skunks are not known to cause damage but they have a defense mechanism where they spray a very pungent musk at their attackers. Sometimes skunks can mistake people or pets for predators when they are startled causing them to be a very extreme nuisance in some cases. Usually they will give a warning by raising their tail and stamping their feet before spraying. Skunks are also prone to carry rabies and should be avoided.